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We offer Genomind testing

What is it?

A quick, painless cheek swab is completed in the office and sent out to a lab to test your genetic make-up.  The lab identifies which medications are the most effective given your specific metabolic profile.

 Within 2 weeks, the results come back to your provider to review with you at your next appointment.

This information can help guide your treatment plan so you can feel better faster. 

Which medications does the genetic test look at?

Medications for various psychiatric disorders, including depression, anxiety, sleep disorders. mood disorders and schizophrenia, as well as medications used to treat ADHD, acute and chronic pain and folate deficiency.

Who qualifies for testing?

Anyone who has had at least one antidepressant fail due to lack of efficacy or side effects can usually get the test covered by their insurance.  There are also payment plans available.  This test is covered by Medicare and Medicaid.

Why is this beneficial?

Learning how your body metabolizes different medications is advantageous.  There is less trial and error, less money spent on different medications and follow-up appointments and less time feeling unwell.

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